What is a Jogger Aerator?

A jogger aerator is a specific type of pile turner. In addition to flipping loads, a jogger aerator can blow steady air on the material to be printed and vibrates to separate the sheets. It is used by large commercial printers in the pre-printing stage. Material to be printed is loaded unto the jogger aerator and it is flipped 90 degrees and aerated and shook by vibration (jogged). This process prepares the material for printing because it aligns all the sheets perfectly, removes all static and dirt and carefully separates one sheet from another. The jogger aerator ensures that material fed into the printer is perfectly aligned and will not jam between sheets.

These are multiple types of Jogger Aerators we manufacture:

  1. FL Series Jogger Aerator
  2. FLP Series Jogger Aerator
  3. P Series Jogger Aerator
  4. Powered Rollers Jogger Aerator
  5. M Series Jogger Aerator

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