Woodward Jogger Aerators Rebuild Service


Over the last few months, Woodward has seen an increase in customers sending their machines to be rebuilt. Woodward has Jogger Aerators and Pile Turners in the field that have been in operation since the 1970's. In an attempt to save money on a new machine, our customers with older machines will send them in to be rebuilt. When the machine is returned, it runs and looks as if it were brand new. There is also a 6- month warranty on all parts.

What kind of work goes into a factory rebuilt Jogger Aerator or Pile Turner? Once the machine arrives, it is fully stripped down to the frame. All parts are cleaned, inspected, and tested. Anything that looks worn or damaged will get replaced. Any part that isn't working correctly during testing will also get replaced. Woodward will also put many new parts on a machine regardless of condition. All rebuilds get new chains, sprockets, hydraulic hoses, vibrators, vibrator springs, and all cylinders will either be replaced or repacked. The machine is then reassembled, painted, and tested for 2-3 days in our shop to ensure the Jogger Aerator or Pile Turner is operating the way it is supposed to.

It doesn't happen very often, but there are times Woodward customers will trade in their old machine for a different model. We will then take that trade in, rebuild it, and offer it to anyone in the market that is interested. If something like this seems interesting to you, please feel free and contact us regarding our current inventory, or to see if we are expecting anything in.