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Color Dynamics in Allen, TX, has purchased a new model FL2840-H Woodward Jogger Aerator. This is their second Woodward machine. Color Dynamics prints annual reports, catalogs, brochures, magazine inserts, direct mail pieces and more. All Woodward Jogger Aerators jog, align, aerate and turn over sheets of paper, paperboard, corrugated or slip sheets in just minutes. Damaged sheets can be removed from the loads, and hand repiling is eliminated. The model FL2840-H operates without a pit, jogs and aerates stock up to 28” x 40”, and is configured for ground level loading. Woodward invented jogger aerators and pile turners over 50 years ago, and to this day is the industry leader in design, performance, durability and service. The Woodward Jogger Aerator improves quality, eliminates back injuries, and lowers production costs.