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About Woodward

Woodward Jogger Aerators manufactures the highest quality pile turners and jogger aerators in the world. Woodward invented pile turners and jogger aerators over 60 years ago and have thousands in operation throughout the world. Our Jogger Aerators are manufactured in the USA. They are rugged, efficient, and easy to operate and should operate trouble free for years. In addition to manufacturing top notch pile turners and jogger aerators we offer the following: Support Woodward provides world class customer support. Unlike some companies that limit technical support to six months or a year, Woodward offers free technical support for the life of your machine. Woodward Jogger-Aerators are so reliable because we only use the best, field-tested parts to build them. All of our trained technicians have years of practical experience. The same personnel who build our machines, who know them inside out, service them as well. Should you ever have a question about your Woodward Jogger-Aerator, just give us a call. Our trained service staff is always available to answer your questions or talk you through a problem. Service Woodward Jogger-Aerators are built to last, providing years and years of reliable service. Many of our machines are still running strong after 30 years. Like all machines, they do require service from time to time. Periodic preventative maintenance will keep your jogger-aerator running at peak performance. Parts Woodward Jogger-Aerators are so reliable because we only use the best, field-tested parts to build them. And we stock all the parts you’ll ever need. All parts are original equipment, the best available. Many parts are custom-made for us, and others are fabricated in our on-site machine shop. For best performance, we recommend only genuine Woodward parts. Our Technicians All of our trained technicians have years of practical experience. The same personnel who build our machines, who know them inside out, service them as well. We handle everything from simple repairs in the field to complete rebuilds in our plant. If your machine should ever require service, we’re only a phone call away. We’ll have it up and running as quickly as possible.

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Return on Investment

With our ROI spreadsheet you can calculate your savings by owning a Woodward Jogger Aerator. You can download an Excel spreadsheet here

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Woodward has stood for
Quality, Service, and Dependability.

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How Can A Woodward Jogger Aerator Reduce Your Production Time?

Many printing and packaging companies around the world are experiencing the many benefits of owning a Woodward jogger aerator. One of the many ways a jogger aerator can positively affect your company is by increasing efficiency and productivity. If you are in the printing and packaging industry, and don’t own one of our machines, there is a good chance you have one or two employees manipulating your piles of material by hand. Whether your employees are trying to flip over the entire load by 180 degrees, separate sheets to reduce static cling, or neatly stack your material for the next step of the manufacturing process, this can be a very time- consuming task. After speaking with plant managers all over the world, it seems like the average amount of time it would take to re-work a pile of material by hand is anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. Not only does this take up a lot of time, but it can also take a toll on the employees’ bodies. Using a Woodward jogger aerator would allow 1 employee to flip over material, reduce static cling, and neatly stack the material, all in under 5 minutes. In addition to saving time by utilizing a Woodward jogger aerator, you will also notice increased productivity after the jogging and aerating cycle is complete. We have noticed in the field that printers, sheeters, die-cutters, and other similar machines do not operate at their full potential unless a jogger aerator is introduced prior. If the material being fed into one of these machines isn’t perfectly aligned with a smooth gripper edge, there is a very high chance your plant will not be running at its peak capabilities. A well jogged and aerated load will also reduce or eliminate material jams, which completely shut down your operation. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Woodward jogger aerator, please feel free and contact our office at any time. Our phone number is 201-933-6800. You can also reach out to us via email at [email protected]

Woodward Jogger Aerators - Made in USA

All of Woodward’s jogger aerators and pile turners are 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA either in New Jersey or Arizona. None are subject to any tariffs either in effect today or being proposed. All major components used in these machines are fabricated in- house in Woodward’s production shops. Although tempted by the cost savings, Woodward maintains that the components made overseas have not meet their standards in either quality of craftmanship or durability. Woodward is proud that on average their jogger aerators and pile turners have been lasting 30 to 40 years without needing any serious repairs. This is true even for those customers running these machines in shifts on a 24 by 7 basis. A great feature and advantage to building their machines in the United State is that Woodward has a full parts room stocked with all of the components that make up their jogger aerators. If a part ever needs to be replaced on a jogger aerator, there is a very high chance Woodward will have that part in stock and can ship it out on the same day. Even the parts that are custom made can be built within 1 to 2 business days from the time the order is placed. Woodward provides their customers choices for shipping prices on everything from ground shipments to Next Day Early AM. Woodward’s employees greatly appreciate all of their customers and generally go above and beyond to keep them happy and satisfied. Woodward is also proud that it is doing its part to participate in the resurgence of manufacturing taking place today in the USA.

Blower Upgrade on Woodward’s Pile Turners and Jogger Aerators

Over 60 years ago, Woodward invented the pile turner and the jogger aerator and now they are in use all over the world: What Are Pile Turners and Jogger Aerators? Pile turners and jogger aerators are both pieces of equipment used in the printing and packaging industry. The pile turner machine is generally used by these companies in order to print on both sides of the material or to swap out older pallets for newer ones. The jogger aerator, in addition to flipping loads like a pile turner, blows a steady flow of air through the material to be printed and vibrates the sheets. The air and vibration combined work to remove all static buildup, dust etc. within the load and during this process the jogger aerator creates a smooth gripper edge to prevent any bottleneck occurring at the next steps in the production line. The Woodward P-Series 6080 The Woodward P-Series 6080 jogger aerator is the heaviest of this type of machine on the market. Recently, Woodward upgraded the P6080 to feature a more powerful blower than they have ever used to ensure that the machine can effectively jog and aerate material up to 80 inches long (provided the sheets are at least .055” thick). An additional “air volume control” option is available on this model which allows users to modify and adjust the machine’s air volume lower for when they are aerating smaller sized materials or smaller loads. About Woodward All of Woodward’s pile turners and jogger aerators are manufactured in the US to the highest standards using only the very best parts and materials. They are durable, efficient, simple to use and, if maintained properly, should give years of trouble-free operation. There are many such machines in operation that over 40 years old. In addition to manufacturing these machines, Woodward provides reliable customer service on every machine it sells and keeps a large inventory of any part that might need to be replaced. Also, all machinery they manufacture comes with a 5 -year warranty on structure and frame, as well as 1 year on parts. Return on Investment Woodward’s customers that are manually flipping and aligning loads typically find that these machines will pay for themselves either by significantly increasing the number of loads processed per shift or by reducing the number of employees needed to provide this function. Automation In addition to the standard manual processing, customers have the option when purchasing a machine to have them be fully automated such that once the machine is loaded it will operate by itself with a touch of a button on a digital screen. The screen keeps the operator informed at all times as to where the machine is in the jogging process. Need Help from The Experts? If you need help from the experts at Woodward, give them a call between 8.30am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday at 201-933-6800. Alternatively, you can email them at [email protected]

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