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About Woodward

Woodward Jogger Aerators manufactures the highest quality pile turners and jogger aerators in the world. Woodward invented pile turners and jogger aerators over 60 years ago and have thousands in operation throughout the world. Our Jogger Aerators are manufactured in the USA. They are rugged, efficient, and easy to operate and should operate trouble free for years. In addition to manufacturing top notch pile turners and jogger aerators we offer the following: Support Woodward provides world class customer support. Unlike some companies that limit technical support to six months or a year, Woodward offers free technical support for the life of your machine. Woodward Jogger-Aerators are so reliable because we only use the best, field-tested parts to build them. All of our trained technicians have years of practical experience. The same personnel who build our machines, who know them inside out, service them as well. Should you ever have a question about your Woodward Jogger-Aerator, just give us a call. Our trained service staff is always available to answer your questions or talk you through a problem. Service Woodward Jogger-Aerators are built to last, providing years and years of reliable service. Many of our machines are still running strong after 30 years. Like all machines, they do require service from time to time. Periodic preventative maintenance will keep your jogger-aerator running at peak performance. Parts Woodward Jogger-Aerators are so reliable because we only use the best, field-tested parts to build them. And we stock all the parts you’ll ever need. All parts are original equipment, the best available. Many parts are custom-made for us, and others are fabricated in our on-site machine shop. For best performance, we recommend only genuine Woodward parts. Our Technicians All of our trained technicians have years of practical experience. The same personnel who build our machines, who know them inside out, service them as well. We handle everything from simple repairs in the field to complete rebuilds in our plant. If your machine should ever require service, we’re only a phone call away. We’ll have it up and running as quickly as possible.

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Return on Investment

With our ROI spreadsheet you can calculate your savings by owning a Woodward Jogger Aerator. You can download an Excel spreadsheet here

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WORK WITH USSince 1952,
Woodward has stood for
Quality, Service, and Dependability.

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USA vs China: The Pros and Cons

Upon hearing the words “Manufacturing,” the mind automatically thinks of China. For decades upon decades, manufacturing overseas was thought to be cheaper and preferred by many. The tides have changed, however, as manufacturing in the USA gradually exceeds any benefit of manufacturing abroad. Regularly, manufacturing in China can be a hassle due to its many costly surprises, ones that can be easily avoidable if opted for an American manufacturer. Let’s analyze a few of the inconveniences of manufacturing in China, and how manufacturing in the USA is a better solution. Distribution Cost Manufacturing in China can seriously increase distribution cost, especially when there are unforeseeable expenditures, whereas manufacturing in the USA would lower those costs. It usually takes weeks for manufactured in China to touch American soil — a glaring difference to the few days needed for the arrival of a shipment Made in USA. Additional costs are often incurred if a fast delivery is desired. Still, it doesn’t guarantee an early arrival nor any unexpected charges on tariffs. All of this can result in the delivery being more costly than the actual cost of production. Economical and political unpredictability Chinese economic and political policies are constantly changing at the speed of light, impacting the manufacturing industry. Numerous things can happen as a result of these imbalances. For example, employees can suddenly go on strike, there can be a hike on manufacturing fees, and factories can be shut down for disobeying the rules, all of which tend to delay manufacturing. Many of these uncertainties can be avoided by choosing an American manufacturer. In the USA, manufacturers need to follow strict rules and regulations implemented by the American government as a way of preventing any manufacturing mishaps to ensure a positive outcome. Quite the opposite of manufacturing in China. Manufacturing in China simply does not have the appeal it once had. “Made in USA” is not merely a catchy, evocative slogan. It’s a promise of dedication to quality, efficiency, and reliability. No one wants the uncertainties that come with manufacturing overseas—not when your business depends on it. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste with unreliable offshore manufacturing. Choose USA.

A new partnership with Northshore Manufacturing Inc

WJA Industries Inc. d/b/a Woodward Jogger Aerators announces a new partnership with Northshore Manufacturing Inc. in Mesa, Arizona by which Northshore will be licensed by Woodward to manufacture a portion of Woodward’s newest machines for sale. Northshore will be completing two new P series model 6080 machines shortly. For more info about Northshore Manufacturing Inc visit their website

Woodward’s 1st Jogger Aerator shipping to United Kingdom

Woodward Jogger Aerators is pleased to announce that it will be shipping its first Jogger Aerator to the United Kingdom. This machine will be used by a leading company in the recycled corrugated material industry to turn piles and jog and aerate materials up to 80″ long. Please call us for more information on our pile turners and jogger aerators.

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Sales Manager
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Accounting Manager