P Series Jogger Aerator

P Series Jogger Aerator

Woodward P-Series Jogger Aerator

Our P-Series model is the most heavy duty machine on the market. In fact, we have machines around the world that have been in operation since the 1970’s, and are still running strong. Woodward invented the Pile Turner and Jogger Aerator over 50 years ago, and this was the machine that started it all.


  • Built for plants that do high volume work and run heavy loads
  • Can customize larger machines to meet your specifications
  • Can be equipped with conveyers for in-line operation
  • Turns radially to ensure quick and easy jogging and aerating
  • Low turning height allows an operator to be hands on without a platform
  • Push button controls standard with movable control pedestal
  • Available with full touch screen automation upon your request
  • 5 year limited warranty on structure and frame, 1-year parts
  • Also available as a Pile Turner without air and vibration Click Here
  • 4 Standard sizes

P3842 – 38″ x 42″ (3,500 lb loads)
P4658 – 46″ x 58″ (5,000 lb loads)
P5468 – 54″ x 68″ (6,000 lb loads)
P6080 – 60″ x 80″ (7,000 lb loads)

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    Choose a ColorCheck one or more optionsAir & Vibration (air and vibration work together to help align and clean loads and identify damaged material for pullout)Air Volume Control (allows you to easily control the amount of air the blower produces with a separate potentiometer on the control pedestal)Push Button Backstop Bar (makes it easier to center smaller material on a larger pallet)Semi Automation (once material reaches the jogging position, at the flip of a switch, the air and vibration system runs on its own)Full Automation (once you place a load into the machine, at the flip of a switch, the machine will clamp, rotate, jog and aerate on its own - the machine will also rotate, unclamp, and return to the home position on its own)