M Series Pile Turner

M Series Pile Turner

Woodward M-Series Pile Turner

Delivered & Ready to Use

The M Series Pile Turner is our most versatile and inexpensive pile turner. Not only can you flip loads throughout your plant, but this machine will also double as an electric pallet truck. The M-Series Pile Turner has a rider platform for convenience, and can handle loads up to 29” x 41”.It has a built in 110 volt charger and does not require installation.

This model is manufactured in China and is distributed exclusively by Woodward Jogger Aerators.


  • Mobile Pile Turner – No pit or dedicated floor space required
  • Hydraulic clamping and tilting, hand rotated turntable
  • No Installation required. This machine is delivered ready to run
  • Built in 110 volt batery charger (external on XLT)
  • Manufacturer’s warranty – 1 year parts
  • Also available as a Jogger Aerator with air and vibration (not XLT)
  • 2 standard sizes – custom sizes available upon request
M2941 – 29″ x 41″ x 54″ high (36″ minimum) 2,500 lb loads
M2941 XLT – 29″ x 41″ x 70″ high (19″ minimum) 2,500 lb loads

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    Choose a ColorCheck one or more optionsAir & Vibration (air and vibration work together to help align and clean loads and identify damaged material for pullout)Air Volume Control (allows you to easily control the amount of air the blower produces with a separate potentiometer on the control pedestal)Push Button Backstop Bar (makes it easier to center smaller material on a larger pallet)Semi Automation (once material reaches the jogging position, at the flip of a switch, the air and vibration system runs on its own)Full Automation (once you place a load into the machine, at the flip of a switch, the machine will clamp, rotate, jog and aerate on its own - the machine will also rotate, unclamp, and return to the home position on its own)