Corpap Installs Rebuilt Woodward Jogger Aerator

Corpap, Inc. has purchased a factory-rebuilt Woodward Jogger Aerator, Model S/500, for its new plant in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada. This is Corpap's second Woodward machine. The first is installed at the company's original plant in Markham, Ontario. All Woodward Jogger Aerators clean, aerate, and align loads of paper, paperboard or corrugated sheets to a perfect side guide and gripper edge. Loads can be rotated 180 degrees and placed down in the same spot, thus saving valuable floor space. They can be used off-line, or equipped with rollers for in-line operation. Rebuilt machines are completely disassembled, cleaned and inspected at Woodward's plant, where experienced technicians repair or replace all damaged and worn parts. The machines are reassembled, painted and tested. All rebuild Woodward Jogger Aerators carry a six-month warranty on parts.