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Flutes, LLC in Indianapolis, Indiana has taken delivery of a rebuilt Woodward Jogger Aerator, model WJA-7000. This is Flutes' fifth Woodward machine, and fourth installed at this location. One of Flutes' older jogger aerators in Indianapolis will be shipped back to Woodward soon, completely overhauled, and returned to the company. Flutes also has a Woodward Jogger Aerator at its Akron, Ohio plant. Woodward invented jogger aerators over 50 years ago, and to this day is the industry leader in design, performance, durability and service. The Woodward Jogger Aerator improves quality, eliminates back injuries, and lowers production costs. Flutes' rebuilt machine was completely disassembled by Woodward technicians, who then inspected and repaired or replaced all damaged and worn parts. The machine was reassembled, painted and tested. All rebuilt Woodward Jogger Aerators carry a six-month warranty on parts.