R.R. Donnelley Purchases Second Fully Automatic Woodward Pile Turner

R. R. Donnelley & Sons in Lancaster, PA has purchased a second fully automatic Woodward Pile Turner, model 4248LT. The first unit was installed last November. Like the first machine, this unit turns loads 180 degrees automatically. It also clamps a skid in position, lifting and holding it in place above the load. After turning, this skid is used under the next load. Utilizing this technique, the operator never needs to handle a skid. The new machine also includes a movable side wall for holding loose lifts in place while turning. R.R. Donnelley’s new pile turner has a 42” x 48” capacity. The operator simply pushes one button, and in less than two minutes the load is turned and ready to go. The operator can then perform other duties as the machine operates independently.