USA vs China: The Pros and Cons

USA vs China: The Pros and Cons

Upon hearing the words “Manufacturing,” the mind automatically thinks of China. For decades upon decades, manufacturing overseas was thought to be cheaper and preferred by many. The tides have changed, however, as manufacturing in the USA gradually exceeds any benefit of manufacturing abroad. Regularly, manufacturing in China can be a hassle due to its many costly surprises, ones that can be easily avoidable if opted for an American manufacturer. Let’s analyze a few of the inconveniences of manufacturing in China, and how manufacturing in the USA is a better solution.


Distribution Cost

Manufacturing in China can seriously increase distribution cost, especially when there are unforeseeable expenditures, whereas manufacturing in the USA would lower those costs. It usually takes weeks for manufactured in China to touch American soil — a glaring difference to the few days needed for the arrival of a shipment Made in USA. Additional costs are often incurred if a fast delivery is desired. Still, it doesn’t guarantee an early arrival nor any unexpected charges on tariffs. All of this can result in the delivery being more costly than the actual cost of production.


Economical and political unpredictability

Chinese economic and political policies are constantly changing at the speed of light, impacting the manufacturing industry.  Numerous things can happen as a result of these imbalances. For example, employees can suddenly go on strike, there can be a hike on manufacturing fees, and factories can be shut down for disobeying the rules, all of which tend to delay manufacturing. Many of these uncertainties can be avoided by choosing an American manufacturer.  In the USA, manufacturers need to follow strict rules and regulations implemented by the American government as a way of preventing any manufacturing mishaps to ensure a positive outcome. Quite the opposite of manufacturing in China.


Manufacturing in China simply does not have the appeal it once had. “Made in USA” is not merely a catchy, evocative slogan. It’s a promise of dedication to quality, efficiency, and reliability. No one wants the uncertainties that come with manufacturing overseas—not when your business depends on it. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste with unreliable offshore manufacturing. Choose USA.